Aims and results

This project is aimed at improving practices in youth work in the field of countering bullying, violence, segregation and discrimination amongst youth.

The aim of the project will be achieved through development of two intellectual outputs:

  1. Through the Comprehensive study of best anti-bullying practices we will obtain overview of regional, national and European successful practices including procedures, methodologies and tools in countering bullying with the greatest focus on the use of modern technologies as a tool in youth work.
  2. Based on the findings of the Study, we will develop an Innovative tool for countering bullying, which will include a VR game, a Workshop Curriculum and Training materials for youth workers, that will enable youth workers’ more structured and high quality work in the field of countering bullying. An integral part of the workshop curriculum will be an immersive VR game, developed through this project, aimed to induce empathy in young people for the bullying victims, helping them better understand the consequences bullying has on victims and empowering them to counter bullying in their environments.